Community Writing, a growing subfield within Rhetoric and Composition, studies and implements writing about, with, for, and by local and global communities. Popularized by service-learning, community-based research, community literacy, ethnography, community publishing, and advocacy writing, community writing locates its work within the broad, historical traditions of rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, and related disciplines.

In October 2015, the first Conference on Community Writing (CCW) took place at the University of Colorado Boulder. What began with a simple call, anticipating 50 to 80 attendees, attracted more than 350 scholars, activists, teachers, and community members attending the conference from 42 states, three countries, 152 colleges and universities, and 48 community organizations. This large group was drawn to a vision of higher education that connects with local, national, and international communities by using writing for education, public dialogue, and social change.

The University of Colorado Boulder is proud to host the second CCW in October 2017. We will issue the call for papers in early fall 2016. In the meantime, you can register for our Community Writing listserve, a valuable resource and networking space for scholars, students, teachers, and community members. Members of the list are welcome to post questions, ideas, and announcements about pedagogy, research, publications, and events regarding community writing and related fields.


2015 Keynote Address by Paul Feigenbaum

2015 Chair’s Address by Veronica House

2015 Chair’s Address by Veronica House


2015 Keynote Address by Eli Goldblatt