Wednesday, October 18

Highlander Center Pre-Conference Workshop
Kittredge Multi-purpose Rooms C&D (find shuttle info below)
(pre-registration is required)

Join Highlander Center for a dive into popular education, organizing, movement history, and current challenges and opportunities in this workshop. Highlander Center is a popular education center in Tennessee that has been a pivotal gathering place for labor, civil rights, environmental justice, education, immigrant rights, and youth organizing throughout its 85 year history. Started in 1932, in the depths of the Depression in rural Grundy County, Highlander has focused its work in the Southern and Appalachian United States, supporting leaders and groups to come together, share ideas and strategies at the center and return back to their communities to better organize to change their situation. Join Susan Williams and Esmeralda Baltazar from the Highlander Center Education Team for a participatory workshop exploring Highlander’s history and methodologies. Participants will explore historical movements and share more about current organizing efforts in these challenging times for our education institutions, communities and society.

Full-Conference Meet-and-Greet; registration opens
Millennium Hotel Bar; happy hour prices all night; cash bar  



As parking on campus is quite difficult, we strongly recommend taking the shuttle bus we’ve reserved to go back and forth from the Millennium Hotel to Kittredge Central.

CCW Shuttle Bus Schedule
(The below times are approximate based on traffic.)

9:00AM                                    Millennium Hotel to Kittredge Central

9:20AM                                    Millennium Hotel to Kittredge Central

9:40AM                                    Millennium Hotel to Kittredge Central

10:00AM                                  Millennium Hotel to Kittredge Central


4:10PM                                    Kittredge Central to Millennium Hotel

4:30PM                                   Kittredge Central to Millennium Hotel