The Makerthon is looking to engage or sustain the conference in ways that model the kind of street-level, multimodal public and community writing that excites and animates. It also hopes to pass along and represent the basic affordances of making and maker culture while also providing some accessible ways in which teachers and community members can experiment and engage with it in their home towns and institutions well after the conference.  In keeping with Chet Breaux’s essay, “Why Making?” (Computers and Composition, June 2017), we want the Makerthon to extend the arguments that making and maker culture:

  • can “foster thinking and practices that challenge and expand our available constructions of literacy” (31),
  • are “inclusive and can draw attention to groups that have been historically underrepresented” (32),
  • and are able to “support democracy” (33).

More concretely, the Makerthon will take place Thursday through Saturday in the Aspen Rooms. Maker-mentors will be present to get you started on your various projects (see the project schedule below), to have conversations, and to lead reflection, but think of this as a space to play and create—the Makerthon space will be available throughout the conference, even when mentors aren’t present. Stop by when you have a free moment! Share your creations (#Makerthon #ConfCW) and encourage your friends to explore!

Thursday, October 19
Jason Luther. Mobile Self-Publishing Centers: Using Zines in Your Community

Jason Luther and the Media Archaeology Lab. Media Archaeology

Friday, October 20
Don Unger. Writing Networks for Social Justice: Making Zines as Scholarship in Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy Studies.

Jen England, Lesley Graybeal, and Kristen Spickard. Zines as Activism, Zines as Reflection

Adam Hubrig and Tina Le. Guerilla Poetry: Democratic Discourse in Action

Sarah Massey-Warren. Walking and Place-making

Sarah Moon. Street theater: Embodying a Message

Kelli Gill. Creating Constellations: Maps, Networks, and Community Composing

Glenn Hutchison. Petitions, Op-Eds, and Letters: Responding to Anti-Immigrant Policies

Saturday, October 21
Nancy Bartley. Raising the Dead: Hanging Story on the Skeleton of History

Eric Shoemaker. Zine as Poetic Justice

Sean McCarthy. Wallet Challenge

Sarah Stanley and Karissa Paschall. Felt Storytelling

Laurie Cella. Making Poetry Together

Seth Myers. Material Reflections